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February 4 2024

                            Welcome to the  Quizzing!

                                                                                                                   Introducing CleverBot: Igniting Minds, Inspiring Brilliance

Wayanad  District level Quiz competition


Get ready for an intellectual journey as GECW hosts CleverBot on February 4, 2024. This quiz program unfolds in three exciting rounds—Institution Level, Elimination Round, and Grand Finale—across high school, higher secondary school, and undergraduate categories. The stakes are high with substantial prizes: ₹5000 for first place, ₹3000 for second, and ₹2000 for third in each level. CleverBot goes beyond a competition; it's a celebration of knowledge, collaboration, and excellence. Join us as CleverBot elevates intellect and camaraderie within the vibrant GECW campus. 🚀🏆🌟


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  • institution Level

    The Institution Level Quiz Program is an exclusive  competition where participants showcase their knowledge within their own college or school. This event aims to recognize the intellectual capabilities of students within the institution

  • Elimination

    The Elimination Round is the intense phase where college teams face off to secure a coveted spot in the Grand Finale. This round features challenging questions that assess the team's academic prowess. Only the most adept teams move forward, creating an atmosphere of friendly competition

    🌟Participation Certificate awarded to teams .

    Grand Finale
    The Grand Finale is the pinnacle of the quiz program, featuring the top-performing 5  teams battling it out for the ultimate glory.This electrifying round includes a variety of challenging segments, from rapid-fire questions to collaborative challenges
  • Winner Announcement:
    The Grand Finale of our Institution Level Quiz Program promises cash prizes and certificates! 🏆 1st place: ₹5000 💰 2nd place: ₹3000 💸 3rd place: ₹2000 🥳 Celebrate intellectual triumphs! 🚀

    👏 Enjoy, Learn, and Shine:

    🎓 This quiz isn't just a competition; it's an opportunity to learn and showcase your knowledge.
    🌟 Soak in the experience, enjoy the journey, and may the smartest team win!
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    Knowledge is a treasure, but practice is the key to it." 
    - Thomas Fuller

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