A Legacy of Learning:

GEC Wayanad's Timeline of Transformation

GEC Wayanad's Timeline of Transformation

Celebrating 25 years of excellence, GECW's journey began in 1999, marked by the inauguration of a new campus in Thalapuzha in 2005. The institution expanded its academic horizons in 2017, introducing Electrical and Electronics Engineering (EEE) and Mechanical Engineering, alongside accredited M.Tech programs in Electronics and Communication (EC) and Computer Science (Network Security). Notably, the Computer Science department received accreditation in 2017, followed by the accreditation of EC in 2022 and Mechanical and EEE departments in 2023. The year 2022 witnessed the establishment of the Civil Engineering department, enhancing the spectrum of academic offerings. As GECW reflects on its remarkable journey, the institution remains dedicated to fostering innovation, research, and holistic development, expressing gratitude to its faculty, students, and alumni for contributing to two and a half decades of success. Here's to a future filled with continued achievements and growth.

Welcome to GEC Wayanad's Silver Jubilee

Celebrating 25 Years of Excellence:

Greetings, dear readers, and welcome to a momentous occasion as we bring you live coverage of the Silver Jubilee celebration of the Government Engineering College, Wayanad!

In the heart of education and innovation, our beloved institution is marking a quarter-century of shaping bright minds, fostering innovation, and contributing to the academic tapestry. Today, we invite you to join us as we embark on a journey down memory lane and look forward to the promising future that lies ahead.

Introducing Cleverbot: Igniting Minds, Inspiring Brilliance


Get ready for an intellectual journey as GECW hosts CleverBot on February 4, 2024. This quiz program unfolds in three exciting rounds—Institution Level, Elimination Round, and Grand Finale—across high school, higher secondary school, and undergraduate categories. The stakes are high with substantial prizes: ₹5000 for first place, ₹3000 for second, and ₹2000 for third in each level. CleverBot goes beyond a competition; it's a celebration of knowledge, collaboration, and excellence. Join us as CleverBot elevates intellect and camaraderie within the vibrant GECW campus



Cleverbot, a GECW initiative, organizes district-level quiz programs in Wayanad for high schools, higher secondary schools, and degree colleges. Each category awards the winning team 5000, second place 3000, and third place 2000, resulting in a total of 10,000 per level. The cumulative prize pool across all three levels amounts to an impressive 30,000.
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Welcome to the Tech Fest Extravaganza - where technology meets brilliance, and innovation takes center stage!

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Embark on a journey of insights and inspiration at our upcoming Expert Talk Event. Get ready for an illuminating experience as industry leaders, visionaries, and experts share their knowledge, strategies, and success stories.

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GECW proudly hosted the "Meet the Pioneer in Science and Technology: Sustainable Technology Edition" on November 23, 2023. The event featured illustrious pioneers in the field: Rajkumar Jolly, Kotta Harinarayana, BN Suresh, and K Sudhakar.
The program commenced with an insightful discourse on the relevance and urgency of sustainable technology in today's context. The distinguished panel shared their vast experiences, shedding light on the evolving landscape of sustainable practices and technological innovations.   The GECW became a hub of knowledge exchange as these luminaries interacted with the students. Engaging discussions unfolded, covering diverse aspects of sustainable technology, from renewable energy to eco-friendly innovations. Students actively participated, seeking advice and guidance on integrating sustainability into their academic and professional pursuits.



Government Engineering College Wayanad  took a proactive step by organizing an Aptitude Awareness Workshop for school students on December 3, 2023. The workshop aimed to empower approximately 180 students with essential skills and insights crucial for academic and career success. GECW recognized the significance of aptitude awareness in shaping future educational and professional trajectories. The event featured engaging sessions, interactive activities, and expert guidance designed to help students discover and harness their unique strengths. By facilitating an environment that encouraged curiosity and self-discovery, GECW aimed to contribute to the holistic development of the participating students, inspiring them to navigate their academic journey with confidence and purpose. The resounding success of the workshop underscored GECW's commitment to educational outreach and community engagement, fostering a spirit of lifelong learning within the broader academic ecosystem.
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